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Lloyd Swick

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A Veteran of the Second World War whose militaryand public service career spans more than 48 years, Mr. Swick was cited for hiscontributions to the community as a volunteer entertainer and was recognized for his involvement with Veterans sand seniors in many care facilities including the Perley and Rideau Veterans' Health Centre. Read more...

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Lloyd at the AWARE Festival

        Photo: Mari Lyse Dumas ©

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580 CFRA January 3, 2012 Interview

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History of Guide Dogs

The first guide dog training schools were established in Germany during World War I, to enhance the mobility of returning veterans who were blinded in combat. These roots go back as far as the 16th century. The bond between humans and animals has been strengthened and grown tremendously since then due to the evolution of these relationships and this emerging sector. Read more...










































































































Vet Hopes to Raise $100,000 for Monument for Animals Lost in War

Memorial for Animals Killed in War

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Memorial for Animals Killed in War

Picture of Soldier Holding the Head of His Dying Horse

Lloyd Swick is 19 in dog years, and even younger in spirit.  The 89-year-old, 33-year vet of Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry used his youthful spirit to convince the NCC to grant its complicated blessing on a new interpretive memorial to Canada's war dead. From the twinkle in Swick's eye you can tell there's more to the story.

The spry, kayaking, golfing, piano-playing and McDonald's-loving senior is raising the $100,000 needed to create a memorial to war animals. Read more...

David Clendining

David Clendining - Artist and Sculpture

David Clendining is the owner and operator of Summit Studios. As as painter, sculpture and lifelong artist he has worked on a wide range of projects including this one and he has an exciting history. Read more...

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